None were Ducati powered…

Looking back at the history of the fastest motorcycles that have run for landspeed record attempts — none were Ducati powered. (although there are some 50’s era records set by Ducati racers in the small displacement classes in Europe)

Remember that cavaets of running at the Bonneville Salt Flats: typically the air can be very warm in late August (less horsepower); elevation (@4218 ft above sea level); and of course wind and course conditions itself. Oh yeah — running an engine wide-open-throttle for a few minutes — easier said then done. A few people have commented that it would be easy to do 250+mph with an 1198R or Desmosedichi with some additional fairings attached. I doubt they would survive a pass or two at most.

Also getting into the 200mph club requires setting a “class record”. First you need to exceed the speed of an existing record to get invited to make the followup pass that is then averaged with the first. It would be easy to be the “fastest Ducati” but it would be an unofficial status only as it wasn’t a “record” within a class parameter. The goal is to be “official”.

Here is a list of the: 10 Fastest Motorcycle in History