the oddball trailers at Bonneville

Strange — a picture of a motorcycle trailer? Yes!

One of the obscure rules from SCTA is that all competition vehicles must be towed/trailered when not running down the course itself. Essentially a safety rule due to public safety and potential speed of the vehicles.

Thus even if you had a stock motorcycle, you can’t ride it to the starting line. To do so would entail immediate disqualification.

Lightweight and easy trailer to build for use. Thus why I’m posting. One could build with horror freight wheels and make them detachable to make the trailer smaller for transporter with a van or pickup. (for those not wanting to haul a bigger trailer across country that inevitably gets loaded full of more stuff)

Perk of the trailer -vs.- towing on the ground is ones tires get less mucked up from the salt. No fun in cleaning your motorcycle and then flat towing on the salt itself to the starting line and having to clean all the salt off the tires/frame/bodywork again.

One could use a pickup with ramps. But remember the salt is still a bit damp and rather slick when on ramps — thus loading/unloading from a pickup bed each time entails possible dropping of the motorcycle. One guy did it this year and damaged his bodywork/tank. All he could do was reload it and drive home to the Eastern USA from where he came after the first day.