Seth’s Lakester — clean and precise

Seth’s Lakester. His daughter Teghan broke the record as well as getting into the 300mph club this year. Another team where everyone on the crew wears “blue hats”. Class act operation.

Immaculate looking lakester. They had for years pu
rchased others cars and revamped as they went along. This was a “new build” based upon all their years worth of experiences.

Switch gear (and flicked sequentially right to left on startup)

(red) Fuel pump
While starter is engaged — ignition is flipped
NOS purge (Seth runs nitrous oxide only — no NITRO)
waterpump boost (water injection)
Rearend oil pump / cooler — 300+mph does horrible things to differentials
Intercooler2 (N02 cooled)
Intercooler1 (NO2 cooled)

On is up.

Down is off.

Easy to always start it as it is all sequential