Transport on the Salt Flats

Transport on the Salt Flats — how does one move their streamliner from the pits to the start line and recover it 7 or 12 miles down the course? Thus you see a lot of methods to do so: rope and a driver in the cockpit; tow bars and flat towed; flatbed trailers with ramps; carriage systems that attach to the streamliner; and cradle/lifting systems like this. Remember the #1 priority is to get the car off the salt and back to the pits — or if a record run is broken, back to the line within an hour for a return run (fully serviced) or to impound asap for technical inspection within the timeframe mandated. (note: given the length of some streamliners and limited steering lock — sometimes you need to load/unload just to turn these around! No such thing as a 1 mile u-turn on the salt)