Domenic’s 750cc Ducati SuperSport

This Ducati belongs to Domenic who “likes” our FB page and I’ve conversed with a few times. So I know a few details, but definitely ask Domenic any and all questions you might have via our FB page.

The first time I saw Domenic’s bike was from pictures at the BUB 2011 event at Bonneville. He had already completed his singlesided swingarm conversion, unique exhaust system, streamlined front fender, custom wayward rearsets and he had added a small fairing attached to the factory bodywork to enhance aerodynamics. There is also some MBP engine work via his friend Martin Brickwood who is one of his sponsors as well.

A few changes I’ve gotten glimpses of from his personal FB posts are the new aluminum fuel tank to allow for a more aerodynamic position as well as a revised bubble fairing attached forward of the factory fairing as well in this picture at the ECTA / Ohio Mile event in late September 2012.

Hopefully we all will see Domenic and his Ducati on the Salt Flats again in 2013 perhaps at the SCTA or BUB event!

Again — feel free to ask him questions!

[pic Domenic’s FB page]