TeamHyperliner and 2014 Speed Week

Given the recurring question about the upcoming Speed Week event at Bonneville — the unfortunate answer is “no” — I won’t be there this year. The modified Ducati.VPR I wanted to run this year is not finished due to an injury in December and dealing with sickness (flu, Legionnaires Pneumonia) and other health issues since. Customers come first when one is a self-employed business and I am currently behind on some deliveries. I won’t be spectating either this year as it is doubtful that I could drive that far and back due to the psoas muscle problems when fifteen minutes in a sitting position gets very uncomfortable and much longer is intolerable.

Progress will proceed upcoming though on the two Ducati Bonneville projects as the hunger hasn’t subsided to chase records at Bonneville with Ducati powered creations! (Intermixed with physical therapy, stretching and exercise to hopefully alleviate some of the muscle issues)

Hopefully there are a few Ducati’s that will be appearing at Speed Week with other groups and hopefully they have great success this year!