SpeedWeek 2015

As most of you know already, SpeedWeek 2015 was cancelled last week by the SCTA/BNI. It is truly sad that it will be a second year without the salt beneath our feet and sharing it with friends from across the country and the world. I do agree though it was a “safety call” given the mud layer intermixed with the salt. There is enough risk already in going to Bonneville and chasing landspeed records in itself — but it is foolish to do it on a course that would be very questionable at best. I applaud the SCTA/BNI folks for stepping up to the plate in doing the right thing.

So where do we go from here? There is only hopes that the El Nino supposedly hitting Northern California this upcoming Winter will dump a lot of rain onto the Bonneville Salt Flats and dissolve everything and re-layer it correctly and get all the salt to the top layer. As for TeamHyperliner? I see no point in stopping work that has been done already in getting vehicles and motorcycles prepared for Bonneville… it just allows time for more upgrades that would have been done later.

SpeedWeek 2016 might be another 54 weeks away from happening — but that truly isn’t that many weekends to be honest…