2016 changes

Just a couple of notes going into the 2016 year upcoming:

– Several of the 4-wheel projects in regard to finalizing of aerodynamics (wind tunnel scale model tests) have been put on hold for the interim. Given the status of the Bonneville Salt Flats and the validity of being able to run there in the foreseeable future, it is going to be a “wait and see” what happens first as it is foolish to spend thousands of additional hours physically building the vehicles and the associated costs involved. Reality sucks to be honest.

– Ducati.VPR is still in the process of being finished. If it can’t be run down the Bonneville Salt Flats upcoming, the goal is to run a El Mirage on occasion and make it adaptable for occasional drag racing duty in the Pacific Northwest by the crew chief.

– Website: All the posts / content of the current Team Hyperliner website (and URL) are going to be ported over and become a subsection of another website for maintaining and promotional purposes. Everything will remain though in regard to content! (and the standalone Facebook page will remain and be updated as before) The new website will be a responsive format and allow for easier viewing of posts and viewing in phone based devices. Everyone who has previewed has found the changes to be very favorable.

Remember to support the “Save the Salt” organization and the efforts they have put forth to get the politicians involved and creating a plan to restore the salt layer upon the Bonneville Salt Flats. The damage inflicted took decades to happen — hopefully it does not take that long to repair it so we have a safe place to run hopefully in the future (and for more generations to come). (website link –> Save The Salt)