Twin streamliners

from 1964:

The Sprint engine was installed in the smaller streamliner. This is the chassis that is the same size as the one that ran 214 mph and was raced in 1958. Its fiberglass shell, which is 14 feet long, approximately 1/8-inch thick and weighs 68 pounds, is mounted on a frame that has a wheelbase of 96 inches. The frame was fabricated from 3/4-inch-OD, 0.040-inch-wall, 4130 chrome-moly tubing. It has two main members on each side, spaced 7-1/2 inches apart, center to center, that extend from its front end to its rear end. These members follow the contour of the shell. At the frame’s front end those for the right and left sides are separated a few inches, but at the rear they were brought together to give the frame’s rear end a wedge shape. Measured from the ground to its highest point, the bike is 34 inches high.

Stormy’s number two bike, in which the 55-inch Sportster was installed, is larger than the smaller bike and heavier and stronger in all respects. Its fiberglass shell is 15 feet, 7-1/2 inches long and weighs 120 pounds. The shell’s lines and proportions are exactly the same as those for the smaller bike but scaled up slightly to fit the longer 112-inch wheelbase. Its wheels, brakes, and tires are identical to those on the smaller bike but because of the greater speed it will run, it has a drag chute that will help it stop. Its frame was fabricated from 3/4-inch OD, .073-inch-wall, 4130 tubing. Spacing of the main members on each of the frame’s sides is 7-1/4 inches center to center, the same as for the smaller bike, and the frame’s shape is similar to that for the smaller bike.

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